ASTER Global DEM V2 Tutorial

The following are brief steps to assist you in ordering the ASTER Global DEM V2 data. Please refer to the tutorial at the top of the Reverb home page for more detailed instructions.

  1. You must be a registered user to create and submit orders for ASTER GDEM V2 products. 
  2. Login to your account
  3. Type aster in the Search Terms
  4. If desired, choose spatial and/or temporal search criteria.
  5. Select the “Search for Granules” button.
  6. Accept the Data Quality Summary Disclaimer.
  7. Select the shopping cart button for the granules you desire to order.
  8. Select the “View” button.
  9. Check the granules you desire to order.
  10. Select the “Order Selected” button.
  11. You may be asked to fill out address location and billing information for verification.  No charge will be associated with GDEM V2 data archives.
  12. Select the “Proceed” button.
  13. Select the “Set” button to choose ordering options for data retrieval.
  14. Select the data usage (required field).
  15. Check appropriate policy agreements (required fields).
  16. If desired, check “Use these values for all applicable order items”.
  17. Select the “Save” button.
  18. Select the “Proceed” button.
  19. Select the “Submit Order” button.
  20. Wait for email confirmation to retrieve data via FTP.
  21. Follow email directions to retrieve data.